Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Working on Their Summer Tans

Since the temps are finally climbing into the mid 60s during the day and the chickens are about a month old, Dave put up a temporary chicken pen in our side yard so that I can let the birds stretch their legs and wings. I coaxed the birds out of their cage yesterday, but most preferred the security of their old home. The Light Brahma (the bird with feathers all over its feet) made half-hearted attempts to fly and pecked at the ground around the cage. When I finally brought the chickens back inside the house, they were exhausted and took a long nap. The fresh air did them good!

Dave dug another hole for a fence post. He did not hit rock this time so the task took less than fifteen minutes. Dave is trying to figure out how to stretch the chicken wire so that it is taut. He thinks that if it is not stretched tight the fence will look trashy.


  1. Feathered feet = weird.

    Tell The Ladies that once they get a taste of freedom from that cage, they'll never want to go back!

    They're definitely getting older looking. What happened to my little 3" chicks? :)

  2. They are looking so old so quick!