Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Asleep in a Heap

The chicks are like children when they are awake, squabbling over scraps of newspaper that they rip from their floor or pieces of bread that I toss into their cage. They even fight over one feeder station port when there are plenty of others to eat from. But, when it comes to nappy time, they tend to sleep 'cheek to cheek.'

I turned the heat lamp off to take this photo. The black Maran joined her friends when she got cold.

My Rhode Island Red has a nick above her eye. I read on-line that chicks start to figure out the pecking order at six weeks. Paula is bringing her five chicks over today so that I can mother them from here on out. It will be interesting to see how they all get along!I wonder if my cage is big enough for all ten!

Below is a photo of some of Paula's birds. The squirrel looking one is an Ameraucana. This chick will produce blue or green eggs.

Just for the record, these photos were taken last week. I will include more recent photos in my next blog as the chicks no longer look like this. Chicks do not stay cute and fluffy for long!

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