Saturday, March 28, 2009

We Are Getting There!

Dave has been working on the chicken coop 24/7. I mean this literally as I am pretty sure he continues to hammer, paint, measure, and saw even in his dreams. Every morning he waltzes into the kitchen with exciting new design plans. He is such a kid!

Today I found out that an unpainted basic three hole chicken nest box retails for $42 at our local animal feed store. Wow! Dave is quick to point out that his chicken coop is unique in that it is compliant with the seismic code for Zone 4. I guess this means our chicken coop will still be standing after the next earthquake.

I've been doing some work too! Here I am applying paint to the trim boards.


  1. These chickens will be the most loved and spoiled chickens on the block (probably the city too)! It looks like you are both enjoying them!! Are they ready to spend the night outside yet?? :)

  2. Wow! This thing is finally coming along to the point where I can tell what it is. :) So great that you were able to knock it out in such little time!