Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scrambled Eggs

This morning I fed my chicks some scrambled egg yolk. I read on line that chickens really enjoy this treat and it is a great source of protein for them. One bird cautiously tried it and when she gave her nod of approval, everyone else went wild over it too. Feathers were a-flying. I have been feeding the birds oatmeal and spinach leaves too, but I prefer that they eat their 'growing' food as I have about 40 pounds of it in the garage. They cannot eat this medicated food once they start laying eggs.

I put our gals outside in the pen this morning even though it was cool and breezy. The birds are getting too big for their cage and seemed antsy. The were delighted to be able to stretch their legs and wings. I guess they are getting used to their new routine. In a few weeks they will have a home and it will be warm enough at night so they will be able to live outside all of the time.

When I went to check on the chickens at 4 this afternoon (of course I checked on them throughout the day!) they were all huddled inside the cage. The sun was no longer shining on their patch of grass so they must have thought it was bedtime!

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