Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Nest is Getting Crowded

On Friday, February 27th, Dave and I headed back to the Concord Feed store to buy more chicks. At first I thought six birds would make me happy, then eight. As of this writing, I am up to ten birds!

After buying two Production Reds and two Marans, I picked up four different breeds of chicks – a Light Brahma, an Ameraucana, a Black Australorp, and a Rhode Island Red. During this shopping expedition I also splurged on a heat lamp, a waterer, a feeder, and a cage so the birds would have room to grow. The cage would also allow me to watch the birds and it would keep the birds safe from my four cats. Dave and I dropped off the Americauna and the Black Australorp at Paula's house. I did not want to hog all of the chicks and her rubbermaid container had plenty of room for these adorable fluffy chicks.

On Saturday, Paula and Brant bought another Americauna because their friends had expressed an interest in buying varied colored eggs. The Americuana is often mis-called the Easter Egger because it lays green and blue eggs. Our bird count was up to nine.

This past Wednesday, I bought a White Leghorn. This bird is the one you often find in commercial set ups because it is an efficient bird - it turns a small amount of food into lots of white eggs. My flock did not have any white layers so I just had to have this breed. I promised Dave this would be the last chick purchase as the chicken coop he was designing could house only so many birds.

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