Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How About a Few White Eggs for Breakfast?

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, on Wednesday, March 4th, Dave and I picked up a new baby chick at Concord Feed - a White Leghorn. This chick will be white feathered as an adult and will lay white eggs - the only chick in our bunch that will do so as the rest will lay brown or green/blue colored eggs. The White Leghorn is the preferred egg layer in the egg industry simply because it is an efficient and prolific egg layer.

Paula found out that brown eggs are more expensive because they are larger and it costs more to feed the birds that lay them because these chickens typically serve dual purpose - they make eggs for your breakfast and then the bird itself can be served for Sunday dinner.

Dave and Paula are trying to figure out how to make the birds pay for themselves while also providing us a few extra eggs (like 47 extra dozen eggs). Dave and I stopped at Home Depot on our way home from Concord Feed to price the materials for the chicken coop. As it stands now, it will cost somewhere between $350 and $400. As Brant and Dave build our chicken coop, I will take photos and videos. Dave would like to sell his elaborate designs on-line and he feels a 'how-to' video with a finished product photo should be included in the package.

Paula is drumming up egg interest on Craigslist and among her friends. She feels confident she can sell enough to make ends meet. She wants me to feed the birds organic chicken feed as organic eggs command a higher price.

I am primarily interested in learning about chickens and nurturing them. My friend once told me that she loves to sit in her back yard and watch her chickens run around freely. I thought boring! Yet, I am now finding that I can easily stare at the birds for a long time. Mr. Darcy, our cat, often keeps me company. He likes to 'change channel' by sticking his paw in the cage.


  1. Good work on your blog. I look forward to reading of you and your chicks.

  2. Aww,,, so cute. Sarah loves your chicks and now she wants chickens for her birthday next month!!!