Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hen House Frustration

When our neighbor expressed concern that feathers and the smell of chicken poop might contaminate his yard, Dave recruited several friends yesterday to help him move the hen house up the hill.

This was no easy task. Dave built the structure assuming it would stay in place forever so he did not use lightweight materials. When Dave went out to level the house, he realized that in order to do so one end would have to be planted in the ground, and the other would be up in the air. Notice the car jack in the first photo!

This was not acceptable. At the new height, I can barely reach inside to clean the hen house. So, as soon as we find another gullible group of volunteers, we will move the house back to its original spot. In the meantime, we will extend the fence we 'completed' the other day inside the hen pen. This should reduce any odors and flying feathers.

Needless to say, Dave is not happy by all of this extra work. He dug two post holes in 100 plus degree weather yesterday. His brain was boiling by the time he was done especially since he had to dig one hole twice.

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  1. how is the whole "neighbor situation" going?? :)