Friday, May 15, 2009

Fencing Frustration

Dave and I went to Home Depot yesterday to pick up supplies to build a second gate at the top of the hill. By using this gate we would no longer have to walk in front of our neighbor's property, affording them a modicum of privacy. As we entered the warehouse, Dave realized that it would be easier to give in to my demands - and less expensive in the long run since I would get my way anyway - to build a 6 foot tall fence in front of the neighbor's property and be done with it. Climbing our steep, slippery hill is no easy feat and would require Brant to come through with his idea to build step stones to the top. Brant doesn't have the time or the desire to do this grunge work.

Dave dug the holes and planted three posts. The middle hole proved especially challenging because there was a huge slab of concrete exactly where the pole needed to go. After removing the slab, Dave found that the ground turned to solid rock - not the shale that breaks up into pieces with the crow bar. We used a bag of Quikrete to set this post. Needless to say, Dave's heart is not in this project. Perhaps you can sense his frustration in the photos.

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