Sunday, April 5, 2009

Look Who's Doing All the Work!

Here is a view of our chicken's yard. The blue line that you can barely make out at the bottom of the photo marks the position of the horse fence at the top of the hill. The horse fence on the right and the wooden fence on the left show the other boundaries.

Dave has been one busy man. Bill drove Dave to Home Depot earlier this week to pick up 100 feet of horse fence which Dave installed in a day almost single-handedly. Yesterday morning he went to the Solano flea market to buy a special tool to attach the fence to the metal posts and yesterday afternoon, when I was ready to call it a day, he pulled out the paint and painted the hen house. This was supposed to be my job but since it didn't look like I was going to do it, Dave took charge. There is no stopping that guy!

I spent the afternoon attaching chicken wire to the bottom of the horse fence. My babies are now safe and secure so long as they do not attempt to fly out. As they get older, their body weight will keep them on the ground. With such a perfect home, why would they ever want to leave it?

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  1. I guess it's high time to make dad a chicken dinner for all the work he's done. :)