Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All Is Calm

My new Barred Rock chicks are growing by leaps and bounds. During our mini heat wave last week, I carried their cage to the chicken pen so they could watch their sisters forage for food. It is too cold for them to be outside this week so my dear girls have only the cats and Dave's and my feet to entertain them.

The older girls have have reached puberty as I heard many of them clucking yesterday when I offered them garbanzo beans as a treat. A web site has recordings of chicken sounds which I occasionally play for my housebound birds. They immediately stop chirping and turn their heads to listen.

Dave and I have been 'ignoring' the bees. Hopefully each queen is laying her quota of 2000
eggs a day. We will open the hives this weekend to check their progress and assess the conditions of the colonies. Needless to say, whoever opens the hives will be wearing the bee suit. We emptied a bottle of Caladryl on our last bee bites!

Beans has no interest in the new chicks. I cannot believe how much we worried about the first set of chicks being attacked by the cats. Mr. Darcy is not interested in reruns and barely glances at these birds as he passes by the cage.

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  1. when do we get eggs? You should start playing chicken clucks to them that say, "lay now! lay now!" As long as they're listening to clucks, we might as well get something out of it. :)