Saturday, April 18, 2009

Deja Vu

Does this scene look familiar? This is not a photo from my archives. These cuties are the new additions to the Madsen/Wong flock. They are Barred Rock chicks. I actually got to see the adult version of these birds while babysitting Maryann's chickens this past week. She has three Barred Rocks and they are truly gorgeous birds. I bought these chicks at Concord Feed yesterday seconds after the postman dropped them off. I was not the only one in the store anticipating the arrival of chicks. The chicks sell quickly so you have to stay on top of delivery dates or you miss out.

I also picked up a three gallon waterer and a 12 pound feeder. This will save me from having to carry water and food up to the pen twice a day.

Dave and I will be attending the Mount Diablo Beekeepers' Association's demonstration workshop this morning. We will pick up our two packages of bees and install them at dusk when the bees are less likely to 'run away.' We will take lots of photos and perhaps even a video to share in a subsequent blog.

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