Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Chickens are Grown Up

Dave has been experimenting with various features on his camera. Here are some recent photos he took of our ladies.

Below is a White Leghorn and a Maran enjoying corn on the cob that Paula and Brant grew in their garden this summer.

Here is a Production Red. This breed is a very good egg layer. Her eggs are light brown and larger than the eggs laid by the other chickens.

One of our Ameraucanas and our Australorp are sitting on the gate. I had to put up a large piece of cardboard to break them of this habit because they would often jump down on the wrong side of the fence. Some evenings I just didn't have the energy to round them up. They like to make me chase after them.

A larger photo of the Ameraucana sitting on the gate. In the following photo Liz is holding this bird when it was only a few weeks old. What a difference a few months make! We named one of the Ameraucanas after Liz because they looked so much alike. Now the Ameraucana has cheeks that puff out like a chipmunk's. I am not sure Liz would feel flattered to be compared to the chicken now.

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